Frequently Asked Questions

How the will the BH project will be involved in the blood shortage campaign?

20% of royalties will be donated to blood organizations (blood banks ,centers and research institutions)

20 nfts will be given to Charity auction

Encourage community members spread the word and give blood

In return - Why shouldn't you be rewarded? A gesture in appreciation of the altruistic effort - We will be giving back about 200 nft's to community members who take active part in this campaign

Collaboration with red-cross organizations worldwide

Reaching celebrities to endorse our campaign

How can you help?

Get on BH project and automatically be a part of this campaign

Be a Hero. Give Blood

Is it safe today to come and donate?

Yes. The Blood centers have introduced several changes to give donors confidence about hygiene and social distancing

Can I give blood if I've had the COVID-19 vaccine?

It’s OK to donate after getting any COVID - 19 vaccine

Just wait 7 full days from your vaccine before donating on the 8th day